This is what people are saying about the book:

“...I love all of the book. Once I started, I had to finish reading it. It is one of those kind of books you have to read quickly through and then go back and absorb slowly.  It is a book for discussions, turning down the corner of the pages, highlighting phrases and to share with people. It really is very very good. Everyone needs to read your book.”

(Denise, Fl, bookshop manager)

“An amazing resource for anyone interested in obtaining happiness in their lives. Helena has given us a great gift.  It is up to us to use it! 

(Loreen Davis, Fl, photographer)

 "Showing the reader how to leave the past behind, Happiness Unveiled helps you to decide for yourself, and without prejudice, what path your future should take. The style is straightforward and honest with a light touch. The central concept is that happiness is not a rare commodity but is there for us all to take. The book is extremely energizing!"

(Veronica M., Montecarlo, Head of legal department)

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About the book:

Happiness Unveiled is a book that will show you the most direct route to attaining true happiness. It is designed to take you by the hand on your journey towards discovering the kind of happiness that is authentic and everlasting; the happiness that lives within you, waiting to be unveiled.

True happiness is not something that you can acquire, but something that you have inside you that you need to tune in to. It has to be unveiled as your true natural state.

This empowering and uplifting book is a gentle reminder of your true nature, at a time when everything else around you may be uncertain.

Happiness is a choice. However, the problem is not in making that choice, but in noticing the day to day facts, attitudes and obstacles that will determine if you are in alignment with your choice or whether you are rowing the boat of life against your aim.

Full of little stories, simple and to the point, the book can help you realize where you are stuck in your search for happiness and what you can do about it.

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About the author

Helena Aramendia is a Life Coach and a Healer.  Her passion is to learn about human nature. She holds a Bachelors Degree from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing; she is a blogger and writes articles about spirituality, health and well-being.  Originally from Pamplona (Spain), Helena is now living with her family in the USA. 

This book can change your life.

Are you happy?

What do you think about happiness?

Is it like winning the lottery, a random windfall?

Is it something that you can achieve after careful planning and hard work?

Do you feel you deserve it?

Will you be happy?

if so, How, When?

What does happiness depend on?

You will find your own answers to many of these questions with the help of this simple and entertaining book.

            The Book that Can 
                   Change your Life



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     Available  for I Pad,

    Nook and Kindle ($2.99)



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